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One 45 minute Session  - $50 Canadian

Tea Leaf & Cards Parties - $40 per person, 30 minutes per person. 

                               - FREE READING! - Host the party, have 5 paid readings at your party, and yours is free! 
                               - Minimum 4 readings, maximum 10.

                               - The length of the party depends on # of readings.
                                      Allow 40 minutes per person

                                      30 minutes for the reading, 5 for the hello, and 5 for a cleanse between people. 
                                      Rev. Julie will bring the tea cups/sauces to be used if tea leaf readings are requested.

                                      Weekdays start as early as 10am and last read is at 2pm. 

                                      Friday Nights start as early as 7pm and last read is at 9pm 
                                      Saturdays start as early as 11am and last read is at 9pm
                                      Sundays start at 3pm and last read is at 8pm


Cash, Paypal, or Bank E-transfer. 
Payments are upfront at the time of the reading. As Host, you can also collect from everyone and pay at the end of the night.
Host readings happen at the end of the party when you can relax and be in the zone. 

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